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Shinto and Japanese New Religions
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Shinto and Japanese New Religions

Author : Professor Byron Earhart
Narrator : Ben Kingsley
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 3 hours
Categories : Religion & Spiritual
Our Price : $12.95
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The traditional religion known as Shinto was present in Japan from prehistoric times,
long before Buddhism and other traditions arrived from the Asian continent. Shrine Shinto, centered
around local shrines and seasonal festivals, has greatly influenced Japanese culture. Sect Shinto is
characterized by more highly organized institutions, which attract many members; folk Shinto
consists of beliefs and practices apart from these institutions, especially in the home. This
presentation discusses the dynamic new Japanese religions formed during the last century and a half.

The Religion, Scriptures, and Spirituality series describes the beliefs, religious practices, and the
spiritual and moral commitments of the world's great religious traditions. It also describes a religion's
way of understanding scripture, identifies its outstanding thinkers, and discusses its attitude and
relationship to society.

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