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Look Great, Feel Great
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Look Great, Feel Great

Author : Joyce Meyer
Narrator : Pat Lentz
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Length : 6 hours
Categories : Christianity
Exercise & Healthy Living
Health & Fitness
Our Price : $29.98 $20.99
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A self-esteem drought is plaguing America today, and many people find themselves in bondage to unhealthy living habits. These habits contribute to the deterioration of one of our greatest resources: our bodies.
In her latest audiobook, Joyce Meyer provides a twelve-key plan for overcoming the poor eating and exercise habits that keep us from doing all God has called us to do. Joyce guides us to a healthier way of living, reminding us that turning every issue over to God gives us the strength to make lasting changes. First, she believes, we must reprogram our approach to health to get back on God's plan.
To help us do this, Joyce's plan offers principles that include:
• Letting God do the heavy lifting. We all try to be self-sufficient, but Joyce encourages us to let God help us on the journey
• Learning to love our bodies. Our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health are undeniably connected. We must unlearn hate for our bodies and who we are.
• Taking responsibility. The tools for putting our unhealthy lifestyles behind us are always available. The choice is ours.
In Scripture, God gives us all the keys we need for restoring mental, physical,
emotional, and spiritual wellness. With Joyce Meyer's guidance, we can take
this opportunity to achieve lifelong health for our bodies and our souls.

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