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I Met God
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I Met God

Author : J. Neil Schulman
Narrator : Brad Linaweaver, Jack Landman, J. Kent Hastings, and William H. Kennedy
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 17 hours
Categories : Religion & Spiritual
Our Price : $33.95
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The content of this book goes to the very center of libertarianism and
free thought. I am directly challenging Ayn Rand's epistemological and
ontological premises with respect to whether it is rational to believe
in God by suggesting that the referent for the word "God" is the very
same referent as for the word "existence"that in fact existence
itself is a conscious, self-conscious, and volitional entityand
thus this is an axiom prior to proof and cannot rightly be the subject
for a proof, as Ayn Rand demanded.

I am also asserting that God is not a product of human religion but is
real, that I have had personal contact with God that convinces me of
his reality, and that what I have learned from this personal contact is
that God's creation of human beings to be conscious, self-conscious,
and volitional entities with free will like his own negates religious
authority and prophecy, since the future is not being determined by God
but by the free will decisions of each of us. I believe, by combining
both an epistemological/ontological challenge to Objectivism and a
personal assertion of an individual divine relevelation I am making the
strongest case for libertarian free thought that has ever been made in
modern times.

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