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God's Wisdom
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God's Wisdom

Author : Various
Narrator : Various
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Length : 40 minutes
Categories : Inspiration & Devotion
Our Price : $7.95 $5.95
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- The Power of Scripture
- The Beauty of Music
- A Gift of Comfort, Understanding & Joy
- God's Wisdom

Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes: these are some of the most profound, timeless teachings in the Bible. In God's Wisdom these and many other Biblical selections are arranged thematically to explore the eternal questions of anger and forgiveness, righteousness and pride, happiness and anxiety. An accessible, thought provoking source of daily guidance, it will give you the answers and advice you need to steer your life and thoughts toward God.

Featuring beautiful classical music interwoven thoughout the program. God's Wisdom is a powerfully inspirational listening experience you'll return to again and again.

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Kwanzaa Folktales

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Many Lives, Many Masters

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Religion & Spiritual
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