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God of All Comfort, The
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God of All Comfort, The

Author : Hannah Whitall Smith
Narrator : Susan O'Malley
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 8 hours
Categories : Religion & Spiritual
Our Price : $39.95 $16.95
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You are on the threshold of a shining new understanding . . .

Sometimes uncertainty clouds our relationship to what we know to be the truth. In our hearts,
we fully recognize the power of God's love for us, but daily life and strife often make us wonder
how such love can exist in such a difficult world.

In this age of doubt and fear, Hannah Whitall Smith beckons us to become closer to God. Believe
what He has promised, and your troubled heart will be filled with joy, for He will supply all your
needs. Sharing her own wisdom and understanding, she reminds us that everything Christ promised
is available today to all believers, putting within reach of every Christian that deep and lasting peace
and comfort of soul that nothing earthly can disturb.

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