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God in Sandals: When Jesus Walked Among Us
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God in Sandals: When Jesus Walked Among Us

Author : Margaret Montreuil
Narrator : Mark Rosenwinkel
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 12 hours
Categories : Religion & Spiritual
Our Price : $34.95 $23.95
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Margaret Montreuil's novel reveals the familiar story from new angles.

God in Sandals: When Jesus Walked among Us is an inspirational novel about the
most famous and influential person in history. Because Jesus called himself "the Son of Man,"
and "the Son of God," people couldn't help but wonder what he meant. In fact, people still
wonder about him today.

This story plunges headlong into that amazing mystery of who Jesus was and is. What did
God incarnate experience and feel when he became one of us? Why did people so strongly
love or hate him? And why do people still seek to know him today?

This intimate biography is about the human side of Jesus and is an imaginative journey through
the Biblical narratives of his life. By sharing in the experiences of those who knew him, we, too,
can see and hear him and better understand the meaning of his coming.

Margaret Montreuil has written three books about Jesus and the deeper Christian life: Love's Face, God in Sandals, and its devotional companion, God with Us. Her background in spiritual formation ministry and Jewish culture brings depth and insight to her writing. Margaret and her husband Daniel live in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Mark Rosenwinkel is a professional actor, playwright, and director with over twenty-five years of experience in theater. For just as many years, he has conducted Scripture reading workshops in churches, teaching his students how to "bring the Bible to life by presenting the Word of God with power, understanding, and passion." Mark, his wife Elizabeth, and son Jeremy live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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