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Finding Support for Success
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Finding Support for Success

Author : Ratanjit S. Sondhe & Raymond C Somich, Sr.
Narrator : Ratanjit S. Sondhe & Raymond C Somich, Sr.
Publisher : Discoverhelp Inc
Length : 57 minutes
Categories : Training and Development
Personal Growth
Stress Management
Our Price : $16.95 $7.95
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  • How do you form a long-term supportive system for success?
  • Can family, friends, and colleagues actually help to reduce stress?

By learning the secret to building an effective support system, you position yourself with the proper mindset for stress-free success.

In this Stress-Free Living program, hosts Raymond C. Somich, Sr. and Ratanjit S. Sondhe discuss Support for Success!

Stress-Free Living has been broadcast in the United States and syndicated internationally for over 10 years; there are over 450 programs in the Stress-Free Living Audio Collection.

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