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Finding Sanctuary
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Finding Sanctuary

Author : Abbot Christopher Jamison
Narrator : Abbot Christopher Jamison
Publisher : Orion Publishing Group
Length : 5 hours
Categories : Christianity
Our Price : $14.25
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How can the lessons of monastic living be put into practice in our hectic, modern and unmonastic lives?

In this inspirational and practical audiobook, Abbot Christopher Jamison, from Worth Abbey, outlines the wisdom of St Benedict and suggests how it can be applied to life outside the monastery. He speaks especially to those who are not sure what they believe but are looking for ways to find spiritual space and peace in the busy, and often confusing, modern world.

'Generous with his insights, but never self-righteous, smug or preachy ... his guidance is spot on - Richard and Judy.

'A genuine solution to the abominable problems of modern living' Sunday Telegraph.

The Lectio Divina from the book is enhanced by music from the monks of Worth Abbey.

Father Christopher Jamison was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1951. He was elected Abbot in 2002, is President of the International Commission on Benedictine Education and sits on the Council of the Alliance for International Monasticism, a body that promotes links between monasteries across the North/South divide.

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