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Throwing the Elephant
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Throwing the Elephant

Author : Stanley Bing
Narrator : Simon Jones
Publisher : Harper Collins US
Length : 3 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Management
Personal Growth
Our Price : $29.95 $12.95
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Two business classics, or one business classic and his new book, or two business books - however you want to describe it - here is Stanley Bing at his best - giving you the ying and the yang of the business world.

If What Would Machiavelli Do? was the meanest business book in recent history - Throwing the Elephant provides the yang to that yin.

Throwing the Elephant: Zen and the Art of Managing Up artfully, clearly, and concisely provides a thorough grounding in the Zen Buddhist attitude you will need in order to move forward and control the people you work for. This book guarantees personal enlightenment while providing literally dozens of helpful, specific exercises and solutions to the most common problems of professional life.

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Social Phobia

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N Word, The: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't, and Why

N Word, The: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't, and Why

Author : Jabari Asim
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Giant Steps

Giant Steps

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Narrator : Anthony Robbins
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