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Thinking For A Change
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Thinking For A Change

Author : John C. Maxwell
Narrator : John C. Maxwell
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Length : 3 hours
Categories : Self Help
Our Price : $24.98 $17.49
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"Good thinkers are never at a loss to solve problems, they never lack ideas that can build an organization, and they always have hope for a better future….A person who knows how may always have a job, but the person who knows why will always be his boss." --- From "Thinking for a Change".

At the heart of John C. Maxwell's brilliant and inspiring book is a simple premise: To do well in life, we must first think well. But can we actually learn new mental habits? Thinking for a Change answers that with a resounding "yes" - and shows how changing your thinking can indeed change your life.

Drawing on the words and deeds of many of the world's greatest leaders and using interactive quizzes, this empowering book helps you assess your thinking style, guides you to new ones, and step by step teaches you the secrets of:

-Big-Picture Thinking - seeing the world beyond your own needs and how that leads to great ideas.
-Focused Thinking - removing mental clutter and distractions to realize your full potential.
-Creative Thinking - stepping out of the "box" and making breakthroughs.
-Shared Thinking - working with others to compound results.
-Reflective Thinking - looking at the past to gain a better understanding of the future ... and much more.

Here America's most trusted and admired motivational teacher examines the very foundation of success and self-transformation. Illuminating and life-changing, Thinking for a Change is a unique primer not on what to think, but how to best use one of your most precious possessions: your mind.

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