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Search Engine Success - Do-It-Yourself Guide
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Search Engine Success - Do-It-Yourself Guide

Author : Alan Twigg
Narrator : Alan Twigg
Publisher : Playtime Books
Length : 59 minutes
Categories : Internet
Strategy & Business Development
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This audio book has been created to enable you to achieve search engine success for your website and will show you how to:

1. Significantly improve the position and fortune of your website in the major search engines
2. Attract hundreds and thousands of potential customers to your website for free everyday
3. Understand that search engine success is not an accident but a simple skill
4. Achieve top rankings, free traffic and control over your website’s online fate
5. Establish a significant advantage for your company over its competitors
6. Add valuable skills to your resume and boost your value and career opportunities

Whether you're developing your first website or wanting to make your existing website visible, this audio book draws on my real-life professional experiences to teach you how to duplicate my search engine success.

Make no mistake, investing in your future success will give you a significant advantage and a huge competitive edge. Own this audio book and enjoy more knowledge, more customers, more income and more success.
Arko from Jogja - 30 Aug 2007
very good.....

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