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Pranayama .. Guided Breathing Exercises
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Pranayama .. Guided Breathing Exercises

Author : Sukumar
Narrator : Sukumar
Publisher : Spirit of Relaxation
Length : 36 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Stress Management
Health & Fitness
Alternative Therapies
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A sequence of guided breathing exercises from the Yoga tradition.

The techniques included in these Pranayama exercises tranquilize the nervous system and stabilize the whole organism. The practice of Pranayama promotes bodily and mental wellness as well as the overall balance.
The techniques included tranquilize the nervous system and stabilize the whole organism. The practice of Pranayama promotes bodily and mental wellness as well as the overall balance.

rana is the universal life energy that exists in everything. In our body it acts as a bridge between the material matter and the consciousness. One of the most effective ways to impact Prana is the conscious control of our breath. Correct breathing vitalises and harmonizes the energy flow in the body.

Getting started
2. Sectional and Yogic Breathing. As preparation for the following exercises we sensitize the breath. The process is done in 3 steps during which the 3 main breathing areas are consciously opened and activated. We proceed by combing the 3 steps into full Yogic Breathing. We employ Yoga Mudras during the proceeding.
3. Using Nadi Shuddi, we harmonize our breath, subtly impacting body and mind. We use the Nasika Mudra for closing the nostrils.
Bhramari. Imitating the sound of the female bee, we relax and quiet the mind.
Pranayama Practise
The exercise splitting in tracks allows variations of the Pranayama exercise either on intended purpose or just to accommodate time constrains. Please note that track 1, 2 and 5 must be in any combination. Track 1 and 5 for obvious purposes, track 2 since all other techniques require the breath sensitization achieved by this section.

Phase 1 - Sensitise the breath            Tracks: 1, 2, 5           Duration: 23 minutes
Phase 2 - Harmonize the breath         Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5       Duration: 30 minutes
Phase 2 - Relax and calm the mind   Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   Duration: 36 minutes

The sound sample may help you to get an idea about the voice of Sukumar and the way he guides through the exercises.

About Sukumar
Sukumar Shetty has been a main spiritual teacher and yoga therapist at the Vivekenanda Kendra Institute in Bangalore for many years.

He is now living in Samse, a small village in the hills of Karnataka in South India. The last couple of years saw the house grow to become a seminar house. The teaching of Sukumar touches mind and heart of his listeners. With simple words, in his lively way, he teaches the old knowledge of the Veden in the language of today, for humans of our time. He is able to show us the path to our own source, clear and uncomplicated.

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