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Nice Couples Do
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Nice Couples Do

Author : Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
Narrator : Maggie Albright
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Length : 3 hours
Categories : Sex & Relationships
Sex & Relationships
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Want to talk about ... Sex?

What's the secret to great sex? Great talk about sex! Now discover how to enhance your sexual play by sharing your most intimate desires with your lover. Full of sensual, scintillating fantasies you can actually re-create yourself, these adventures in erotica can be as real as what your friends and neighbors do behind closed doors, or they can be as fanciful as a fairy tale. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the frontiers of sexual pleasure with these tales. And learn how you can tell your partner which stories turn you on, suggest what new, exciting things you'd like to try—and transform your secret dreams into ecstatic reality...

Nice Couples Do
Fantasies Can Come True
It Can Happen to You

"Feel the stockings," Maggie suggested. "They are so silky." Larry grazed his fingertips over the nylon and felt the heat from her legs underneath. She held his hand over her breasts and realized that his palm was damp and his breathing was uneven.

"We're going to do this my way," Dave said. As he wrapped the scarf around her wrist, Judy's eyes flew open. She held her breath and trembled. Dave quickly tied her ankles to the lower corners of the bed. Judy closed her eyes, eager to experience what was coming next.

Corey's massages for his female clients were always professsional and never erotic...until he met Lilia. She had skin the color of light coffee, smooth and without a blemish. Her legs were long, her stomach flat, and her flesh firm and supple to his touch.

Standing behind Phil, Angie pressed the cold bottle against his ribs, moving forward so his head was pushed against the valley between her breasts. Slowly the bottle began to slide down his belly, leaving a wet trail. Phil was speechless. Nothing like this ever happened to him before.

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