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Mandarin Chinese in No Time!
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Mandarin Chinese in No Time!

Author : Dr Robert Blair
Narrator : Dr Robert Blair
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp.
Length : 3 hours
Categories : Language Courses
Chinese (Mandarin)
Knowledge & Learning
Our Price : $23.98 $12.98
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You're a doctoral student studying forms of ocean life in the Yellow Sea when you get an unexpected call from the State Department. Suddenly, it's up to you to save a priceless Chinese art treasure from pirates—and success will depend on your ability to learn enough Mandarin Chinese to complete your mission...

Who says that learning a language can't be fun? "Dr. Blair's Mandarin Chinese In No Time" uses audio (and a bonus featuring a traveler's vocabulary and much more) to get you speaking Mandarin Chinese more quickly and enjoyably than you ever thought possible. With "Dr. Blair's Mandarin Chinese In No Time", you will:

-IMMEDIATELY learn Mandarin Chinese that you can use in real situations
-LEARN the practical applications you need
-MASTER easy and effective memory tricks
-DISCOVER ways to practice on your laptop while traveling
-REVIEW everything you learn— including Mandarin Chinese characters and pronunciations—on the interactive CD-ROM   
Whether you're a businessperson, student, or traveler, whether you're brushing up on a forgotten language or just interested in learning a new one, "Dr. Blair's Mandarin Chinese In No Time" teaches you the skills you need at the pace you want, jump-starting your study with a variety of methods that keep the experience fun, fresh and motivating.

Why rely on old, out-dated techniques to learn a new language? "Dr. Blair's Mandarin Chinese In No Time" offers the up-to-the-minute advantages that you won't hear anywhere else!

Customer note:

This audio is supplied with additional resources in the form of a .zip file, downloadable along with the audio files after purchase.  The extra download enables customers to review everything they've learnt, including Mandarin Chinese characters and pronunciations.

To use the additional download, please:

1. Download the zipped file along with the audio files.

2. Extract all files from the .zip folder, using any readily available unzip utility.

3. Double click on the Content folder, then open the Index.htm document. The additional resource then opens in a new browser page and contains the sounds to accompany the Chinese symbols and their English equivalent.

We hope you find this additional resource helpful.



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