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Listening: The Forgotten Skill
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Listening: The Forgotten Skill

Author : Madelyn Burley-Allen
Narrator : Madelyn Burley-Allen
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp.
Length : 6 hours
Categories : Interpersonal Skills
Personal Growth
Training and Development
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Managers and other employees spend more than 40 percent of their time listening to other people but often do it so poorly that the result is misunderstood instructions, misdirected projects, and erroneous actions—millions of dollars’ worth of mistakes just because most people don’t know how to listen.

In this new edition of her classic guide to the art of effective listening, Madelyn Burley-Allen shows you how to acquire active, productive listening skills and put them to work for you—professionally, socially, and personally. With her time-tested techniques, you’ll learn how to:

· Eliminate distractions and improve your concentration on what is being said
· Locate key words, phrases, and ideas while listening
· Cut through your own listening biases
· Interpret body language clues
· Ask constructive, non-threatening questions that elicit real information
· Get others to listen to you
· Master a whole range of listening skills that you can use on the job and in your personal life

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