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Learning Spanish Like Crazy: Spoken Spanish Volume 1
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Learning Spanish Like Crazy: Spoken Spanish Volume 1

Author : Learning Like Crazy, Inc.
Narrator : Various
Publisher : Learning Like Crazy, Inc.
Length : 15 hours
Categories : Language Courses
Spanish (Latin American)
Knowledge & Learning
Our Price : $197.00 $97.00
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The Learning Spanish Like Crazy method lets you learn Spanish quickly and easily.

It has been created by native Spanish speakers from Latin American to make sure you learn to speak Spanish just like a native. All speakers are native speakers from Latin America to make sure you develop an authentic Latin American accent.

This is a fun method of learning Spanish - no tedious memory drills. You learn practical spoken Spanish that you can use in everyday situations. Level 1 consists of Lessons 1 to 30. 

Customer note:

The narration includes details of how to download a transcipt of the audio.

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