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Deep Relaxation
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Deep Relaxation

Author : Andrew Johnson
Narrator : Andrew Johnson
Publisher : Andrew Johnson
Length : 41 minutes
Categories : Alternative Therapies
Self Help
Stress Management
Alternative Therapies
Personal Growth
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This CD teaches relaxation techniques, helps ME, pain control, insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder, helps stress management, deepens sleep and much more.

Reviews of this CD

Email from: (altered for privacy)
I just wanted to thank you for your deep relaxation cd, which I purchased just over a month ago. I have ME, which forced me to drop out of University, and had been so ill, and was made worse by my inability to relax. Using your cd every day has changed all that- by being able to relax completely I've started to recover amazingly, and I even managed to get to London today (I live in Essex) for an exhibition which closes on Sunday and I was desperate to see. I honestly never thought I'd be up to going. So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks. Your cd has played a HUGE part in setting me on the road to recovery, and I don't think words can describe how important that is to me. Jenni Carter

Andrew Johnson's 'Deep Relaxation' CD takes you on a journey. It starts with developing an awareness of tension and dis-ease within your body and mind and then leads you through a series of 'mind exercises' and visualisations, which gently enable you to relax. Throughout the 40 minutes you are also 'taught' skills that may be used on a day to day basis to help manage stressful situations. It is easily applied to many different patient groups as its structure allows each person to use it as it is relevant to them. Enabling patients to relax is hugely relevant to many chronic medical conditions. The fact that this can be done through a CD, as opposed to having to organise classes or referrals, means that it easily becomes part of a patient's self-management plan. I have used it with patients, athletes as well as personally and have no hesitation on recommending it.
Dr Eleanor Tillett
Research Fellow in Sports & Exercise Medicine

The CD arrived yesterday. I am impressed by the prompt service and even more by the CD. The recording is excellent quality and the content is perfect for beginners to relax. It is spoken in a tone and at a pace that is very effective for achieving relaxation and the background sound of the sea is soothing whilst gentle enough that your voice can be clearly heard. I have used many relaxation tapes in my time, both for myself and with clients, and this really is one of the best.
John Clarke, Psychiatric Nurse (New Zealand)

This is one of the best and most professional relaxation recordings I've come across in the fifteen years that I've had M.E. Andrew Johnson's deeply soothing voice, coupled with the guided progression through breathing and visualisation exercises designed to deeply relax both body and mind, continue to work for me even after many months' use. Each time you find yourself at a new depth of physical relaxation, he takes you one step deeper. The CD helps me 'switch off' my overactive mind so I can get some quality rest, and has also helped me get to sleep. I find the voices and 'new age' music on many relaxation tapes begin to grate after a while, so it continues to amaze me that this CD has the opposite effect. Highly recommended.
Theresa Coe, Action for M.E. and Interaction For M.E. editor

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