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Close Like a Pro: Selling strategies for Success
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Close Like a Pro: Selling strategies for Success

Author : Nido Qubein
Narrator : Nido Qubein
Publisher : Gildan Media Corp.
Length : 4 hours 6 minutes
Categories : Sales
Our Price : $14.98
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Boost Your Selling Skills and Build Your Career

A sales career can be the route to the good life, or a sentence to a life of frustration. It all depends on the way someone thinks and performs as a salesperson. Now, one of America’s greatest motivators offers you a 12 -part program guaranteed to boost your selling skills and build your career.

Nido Qubein arrived in the United States as a young man unable to speak English, with no contacts and only $50 in his pocket. He has since built a multimillion dollar speaking and consulting business. Chairman of four companies including Creative Services, Inc., McNeill Lehman, Inc., Business Life magazine and Great Harvest Bread Company, he is an advisor to some of America’s best corporate leaders, sharing his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to help their companies grow and thrive. Qubein serves as President of High Point University in North Carolina.

Since 1974, Nido Qubein has given more than 5,000 presentations and received every award in professional speaking. He has put together this program to teach you the techniques, skills and knowledge you need to become a super achiever. It’s time to boost your selling power, polish your selling savvy and propel your career to better productivity, performance and profitability. This complete course is for the Pro and novice alike. Learn from the best as Qubein shows you the strategies you need for a successful career in sales:

· The Crucial Success Ingredient
· How to Make Prospects Sit Up and Take Notice
· How to Boost Selling Effectiveness
· How to Add Power to Persuasion
· How to Communicate Effectively: The Foundation of Selling Success
· How to Work Smarter, Not Just Harder
· How to Become the Customer’s Consultant
· How to Use Questions to Boost Sales
· How to Focus for Maximum Impact
· How to Make Powerful Presentations
· How to Turn Objections into Sales
· How to Close Like the Pros

“Like Zig Ziglar, Quebein inspires listeners and readers to greater success with enthusiasm and energy.” – Library Journal

"My good friend Nido Qubein is one of America 's top talents and consultants. His zest for life mesmerizes audiences all over the world." --Art Linkletter
Beverly Hills, California

"I never cease to be impressed with the standard of excellence Nido sets every time he takes to the platform. The mastery of his techniques is equaled only by the content of his messages." --Casey Kasam
Hollywood, California

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