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Author : Peggy Klaus
Narrator : Peggy Klaus
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Length : 3 hours
Categories : Business
Interpersonal Skills
Self Help
Our Price : $24.98 $17.49
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In today's competitive business world, bragging is a necessity-not a choice! Remaining quiet about yourself or, worse, downplaying your successes leads to being underappreciated, or even allowing others to take credit for your achievements. When done with grace and style, bragging promotes your best asset-you!

Now a top business coach teaches you to artfully communicate your talents and accomplishments without feeling or sounding like a walking billboard. You'll gain the motivation and skills that lead to gem assignments, raises, promotions, and stronger professional relationships. And you'll enjoy tooting your own horn in a way that is sincere, feels comfortable, and doesn't turn off those you're trying to impress. Discover:

-The outdated but still popular bragging myths that result in missed opportunities.
-Subtle and effective ways to share your talents and successes without sounding smug or rehearsed.
-Self-promotion tips for use at a moment's notice in and out of the office-from elevator fly-bys to networking events.
-Specific, dynamic advice to help you shine in performance reviews and job interviews.
-How to harness the power of both voice mail and e-mail to effectively "techno-brag".

Filled with self-promotion dilemmas and solutions for both your professional and personal life, and written for everyone from telecommuters to those who are between jobs, Brag! shows you how to put your best foot forward-while keeping it out of your mouth!

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Sex & Relationships
Self Help
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Learn While You Sleep

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Pimsleur Ingles -  English for Portuguese Speakers I Part 2

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Approval Addiction

Approval Addiction

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Making Sense of Humor

Making Sense of Humor

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