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Acing Job Interviews
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Acing Job Interviews

Author : Billy Brand
Narrator : Anonymous
Publisher : Gregg R Watson
Length : 1 hour 22 minutes
Categories : Success
Personal Growth
Interpersonal Skills
Training and Development
Our Price : $16.95
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Don’t you wish there was a complete guidebook letting you know exactly what you need to do – and what you shouldn’t do – before, during and after that nerve-wracking job interview? Wouldn’t you like to make an outstanding first impression – every time? Well now you can! The exciting new career ebook Acing Job Interviews gives you step-by-step instructions on how to ace that job interview and get the position you want. These critical lessons aren’t taught in schools or colleges. Our authors spent months compiling data from leading career sources and packing the most important pieces into one, outstanding 57-page ebook dedicated to acing job interviews.

Did you know that highly qualified candidates lose jobs everyday due to simple and avoidable interview mistakes? These people haven’t planned ahead, dressed inappropriately, gave a bad first impression or offended the interviewer in some way. If you’re actively looking for a new job, passively seeking a move up the career ladder or simply need a refresher course, this new ebook is perfect for you. If you’re helping your children, friends or family members step into the job market for the first or the fiftieth time, Acing Job Interviews is an excellent, practical and thoughtful gift!

How to Ace any Interview and Get Your Dream Job

Acing Job Interviews is the perfect career companion for anyone actively seeking a new job, or for smart men and women preparing for the unfortunate event of a job loss. When it comes to career know-how and advancement skills, you can never know too much. Acing Job Interviews shows you:

- How to Dress For Success
- How To Make a Powerful and Lasting First Impression
- Ways To Carry Yourself With Confidence
- How To Maximize Your Speech

And that's just scratching the surface. Read on to see what else Acing Job Interviews will show you.

- What Questions To Ask During The Interview
- Ways To Prepare For The Top 10 Interview Questions
- How to Impress Potential Employers During Your Interview
- Professional Ways To Follow-up and Get Ahead of Your Competition
- The Importance of Your Thank You Letter – And What To Say
- How To Prepare For The Big Day
- Ways To Ace The Critical Phone Interview
- What To Expect During A Lunch Interview
- Questions Your Interviewer Can’t Ask You – And How To Protect Your Rights
- How To Plan For Your First Interview Out of College
- Best Practice Interviewing Skills After a Lay-Off
- Ways To Handle Money and Salary Negotiations
- What to Bring To The Interview
- What You Should Never Do During An Interview

Job Interviewing 101: What Your Mom Never Taught You

Because the job interview is so crucial to landing the job, we’ll show you ways to fine-tune your communication skills, explain what you should wear during the interview, discuss proper interview grooming skills and smart ways to build your self-confidence and enthusiasm, plus so much more. Acing Job Interviews tells you what you need to do before the interview to prepare – from conducting company research to acquiring just the right amount of sleep.

Acing Job Interviews gives you answers to all of the questions you’ve always had, but didn’t know who to ask. Learn how early you should arrive at your interview. Find out what you should do before, during and after an important phone interview (Yes, phone interviews are just as significant as face-to-face meetings). Plus, find out what special technology can subliminally convey a positive impression – and what can sabotage it. Learn key table manners and etiquette tips for conducting a lunch interview. Learn how to select the right restaurant and what to bring along.

“How’s Your Health” And Other Questions An Interviewer Can’t Ask You

Did you know that potential employers could be sued for asking certain questions during a job interview? Know which questions put them (and you) at risk, and why your answer could cost you a job. Wise career seekers stay on top of everything, preparing the best answer before potentially harmful information is revealed. While it’s important to build a comfortable rapport, it’s just as important to know your rights and withhold data.

Acing Job Interviews reveals the kinds of questions you should dodge, and why. We’ll show you professional responses that won’t offend your interviewer while still protecting your privacy.

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