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A Guide To Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
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A Guide To Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Author : Andy Guides
Narrator : -
Publisher : Advantage Business Partnership
Length : 3 hours
Categories : Personal Growth
Self Help
Our Price : $13.25
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Self-esteem is your own personal view of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everyone has a different view of themselves, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit you more than a negative one. Many individuals suffer from low self-esteem for a variety of reasons and need to build their self-esteem in order to succeed in life. Remember, the only one who can make you excel is you and no one else. The same goes for self-esteem. The only person who can build up - or consequentially tear down - your self-esteem is you. Although other individuals may aide the process, the end decision is yours.
Low self-esteem can be devastating to an individual’s personal, work, and scholastic life. The constant feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness can undermine attempts to succeed at even the smallest things. 
Do you ever look at anyone and think you are not on the same “level” as they are physically, mentally, or athletically? Do you see yourself as the least important member of your family, group of friends, or office? 
What you are about to read (and hear when you get the audio) could completely change your life!
How is that?
Everything you need to know about self-confidence and self-esteem is included in this special report:
  • The Symptoms of Low Self-esteem
  • How Self-esteem Affects our Confidence
  • The Key to Self-esteem
  • Ten Tips to Improve your Self-esteem
You even learn about specific self-confidence and self-esteem situations like these: 
I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned in order to improve my self-confidence and self-esteem I share with you.
For example; did you know that self-esteem, like happiness, is a state of mind? It can make you feel happy, cheerful and confident. It can also make you feel worthless, unwanted and weak. Self-esteem can best be compared to a powerful battery. When the battery is fully charged, the individual feels confident and raring to go; when the battery is run down the individual feels low and wants to hide.
Obviously, individuals with low self-esteem cannot be expected to do well in life. They will approach every issue with a lack of confidence even though they may be fully capable of doing a job. That is why self-belief is considered the bedrock of self-esteem. It gives an individual the extra confidence that makes all the difference between an achiever and a failure.
So how do you inculcate a sense of self-belief in yourself? I reveal how in my special report!
This is the most comprehensive report on self-confidence and self-esteem you will ever read! Not only does it include timely tips and advice on how to achieve self-confidence and self-esteem but also tips on how to communicate effectively and date with confidence!
This comprehensive special report covers the following topics:
  • How self-confidence makes you a great lover
  • Self-confidence in parenting
  • How to overcome a confidence crisis
  • How to regain lost self-confidence 
Would you like to be confident? Your answer may be - yes; I do want to be confident. However, this answer lacks the impact. It is too generalized. Just like everybody wants to do well in life and be rich but not many ever realize this wish. This is because to actually get somewhere in life, you need to quantify your confidence. You need to define the task for which you need to be confident so that you can execute it successfully. A mere wish to be confident won’t take you anywhere. The dream must have a deadline as well!
I show you the tools, tips and strategies you need to achieve self-confidence and self-esteem!
And there’s more. . . . 
  • Self Confidence versus Arrogance
  • How To Build Your Self-confidence
  • Socializing with Confidence
  • Regaining Your Self-esteem After an Abusive Relationship
Start learning the secrets to confidence and self-esteem today!
You'll Receive The Audio Book Plus A 76 Page eBook!

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