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Very Best of BBC Comedy, The
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Very Best of BBC Comedy, The

Peformed By : Various
Publisher : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 1 hour
Categories : Humor
Radio Shows
TV & Film
Price : Free

Now's your chance to sample the delights of the BBC comedy archives at it won't cost you a penny, a nickle, a cent, or whatever the currency is in your part of the world.

You'll find everything from The Goon Show through to Dead Ringers.

It's an hour of classic comedy and all for less than the price of a penny chew.

1. Blackadder    'The Dictionary' from Blackadder

2. Yes Prime Minister    'The Smoke Screen' from Yes Prime Minister Volume 1

3. Alan Partridge    'Have I Got A Second Series?' from I'm Alan Partridge 'Knowing Me, Knowing Yule'

4. The Goon Show    'Hetto Seagoon, British Embassy Here' from The Goon Show 'Neds Atomic Dustbin'

5. Dad's Army    'Unarmed Combat' from Dad's Army Volume 2

6. The League of Gentlemen    'God Rest You Merry Gentlemen' from The League of Gentlemen 'On The Town With'

7. One Foot in the Grave    'Yukka' from One Foot in the Grave 2

8. Dead Ringers    'Changing Rooms' and 'Dr Who' from Series 2 Part 2

9. Fawlty Towers    'The Germans' from Fawlty Towers Volume 2

10.Victoria Wood 'Sally and Martin' followed by 'Sonara' from Victoria Wood 'Encore'

11. The Fast Show    'Swiss Tony' from The Fast Show Volume 3

12. Tony Hancock    'Cricket pitch' from Hancocks Half hour 'The Collectors Edition'

13. Goodness Gracious Me    'Arranged Marriage' from Goodness Gracious me

14. The Two Ronnies    'Lucky Swine' from The Two Ronnies. 'lts Goodnight from Me'

15. Harry Enfield    'The Slobs Christening' from Harry Enfields Television Programme

16. Monty Python    'Flying Sheep' from Monty Pythons Flying Circus 

17. Only Fools and Horses     'Phone Call' from Only Fools and Horses, No Greater Love 

18. The Royle Family    'Bacon Butty' from the Royal Family 2 

19. Morecambe and Wise    'Trafalgar' from Morecambe and Wise Volume 2 

20. The Vicar of Dibley 'Honeymoon' from the Vicar of Dibley Volume 2 

21. Absolutely Fabulous    'Fax' from Absolutely Fabulous Volume 1 

A great compilation
Rebecca from Heckmondwike - 10 Oct 2006
This is a very enjoyable compilation of clips of British comedy. I was especially pleased that it included "Flying Sheep" by Monty Python. My main complaint is that this gives you an appetite for more!
The Very Best of BBC Comedy
George from Bangkok - 26 Dec 2006
I was brought up on BBC comedy, mostly on the television, although as a child I regularly listen to the radio as well. In most of these clips I can close my eyes and picture the scene, as I have already seen them on TV years ago. It was nice to be reminded of them again and more would be better. Great clips, wish there were more!!
The Best Of the Best Of BBC
Patrick from Mishawaka - 03 Apr 2007
Its great to be reminded of things I grew up with and nice to hear a few new things. Great Laughs all around. A must listen!

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