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Little Big Horn
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Little Big Horn

Jerry Robbins
Peformed By : Colonial Radio Theatre
Publisher : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 1 hour 10 minutes
Categories : American
Audio Theater
Price : $5.00

Nominated for AudioWorld's Golden Headset Award for best multi-cast audio release of the year

The real story of Custer and his famous last battle against the Sioux.

Lt. Col. George A. Custer leads his 7th Cavalry into the Valley of the Little Big Horn, and into eternity in this truly spectacular audio dramatization. It is our heartfelt hope that we have done justice to the events of June 25th 1876. It was a horrific battle, which saw no true victors. Custer's command lost their lives. The Plains Indians lost their way of life.

Sioux War Dance Songs performed by Kenneth Hamilton
Shenandoah performed by Dominic Nolfi

The Colonial Radio Players:

  • Drew DeCorleto
  • Shane Clarke
  • Robert Mackie
  • Teresa Goding
  • Dominic Nolfi
  • Barrett Hall
  • Frederick Rice
  • Bill Hammond
  • Adam Fumia
  • George Fennell
  • Nick Aalerud
  • Diane Capen
  • Lincoln Clark
  • Dave Driscoll
  • Bill DiGiuseppe
  • J.J. Wiese

Music by Jeffrey Gage
Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg
Written, Produced and Directed by Jerry Robbins
Illustration by Craig Slaff

Some scenes may be too intense for young children

Audio Theater does not get any better than this!!!!!
Bob from Colorado - 25 May 2004
OK, There is Audio theatre and there is AUDIO THEATRE!...this is AUDIO THEATER!!!!!
Granted, the story of Custer's defeat at Little Big Horn is already great drama and great history...But this program ties it all together in an amazing way. The music score alone is something worth listening to all by its self (and very little modern audio uses music the way this program does). The acting, the story, the sound effects and music all make this top notch entertainment. You see how come it won an major award. This is a "must have" for anyone interested in great audio. Let me know what you think once you have given it a listen. I give it two thumbs up.
This is great audio drama!
John Roach from Kingston - 10 Aug 2006
I have to agree with Bob from Colorado! This is great audio drama! Treat yourself tonight. Turn off the TV, purchase and download this right now and listen away as you see the combined force of many Native American nations ride all around you and Custer as you do your best to defend yourself. This takes your breath away. Don't believe me? Believe Bob then! Bob knows audio drama!! :-) Then download Captain Blood and all the rest of Jerry Robbins and The Colonial Theatre On The Air's great shows. I know I am!

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