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Author : Timothy O'Brien
Narrator : Timothy O'Brien
Hachette Audio
Runtime : 4 hours
Categories : Rich & Famous
Download Price : $24.98 $17.49

He has one of the highest-rated shows on television-yet he prefers to spend his nights at home, quietly watching television and munching hamburgers.

He has a line of stylish clothing and bottled water emblazoned with his name and unmistakable image-yet he once needed a loan from his siblings to stay afloat.

His name is plastered on some of the most magnificent hotels and casinos in the world-yet his casino company, swamped in debt, was forced into bankruptcy.

This is the world of Donald Trump, full of glitz, glamour, and other people's money. Yet despite glaring cracks in the shimmering façade, the myth and the image have remained stubbornly impenetrable to a fascinated public-perhaps even to Trump himself. In this unique look inside the life of one of the world's most charismatic businessmen, entrepreneurs, and larger-than-life personalities, top New York Times investigative reporter Timothy L. O'Brien pulls back the velvet curtain surrounding the wizard of hype known simply as The Donald. Featuring interviews not only with Trump's closest friends and associates, but with Trump himself, Trumpnation delivers revelations of Trump-size proportions.

So step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the shocking, hilarious, riveting, and completely true story of America's favorite billionaire bad boy, bad hair and all. From the massive egos of New York mayors he courted or defied, to the glamour queens he loved and lost, to the talking dolls, colossal casinos, and personal Oz he created out of smoke and mirrors, prepare to enter Trumpnation.

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Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites

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Narrator : Tucker Carlson
Brilliance Audio Inc
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Not the Nine O'Clock News

Not the Nine O'Clock News

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Linda Smith Live

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Hodder & Stoughton Audiobooks
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Quiz Shows
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Other People's Dirt

Other People's Dirt

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Narrator : Louise Rafkin
Listen & Live
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