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New Dibble Show, The - Season 1 - Episode 01: Hooray for Hollywood - Pt. 1
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New Dibble Show, The - Season 1 - Episode 01: Hooray for Hollywood - Pt. 1

Author : Jerry Robbins
Narrator : Colonial Radio Theatre
Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 30 minutes
Categories : Humor
Radio Shows
Download Price : $1.50
Good clean fun for the entire family, CRT's hilarious comedy series starring Dibble, (that 3'3” 15 Watt Star of the Air!), along with a zany cast of characters in the small New England town of Mayham. You’ll laugh out loud to their misadventures. Loaded with a wonderful cast, great sound effects, and light hearted stories. Whether you are 6 or 96, you will find Dibble and his friends to be a wonderfully pleasant diversion.

In this episode, Hollywood comes to Mayham to film a movie about the founding father; French and Indian War hero - General Mayham.

Jerry Robbins
Nick Aalerud
Diane Capen
Bill Hammond
Shane Clarke
Sam Donato
Cynthia Pape
J.T. Turner
Joseph Zamparelli Jr.

Written, Produced and Directed By Jerry Robbins.
Executive Producer: Mark Vander Berg.
Music by Jeffrey Gage.
Kids go Bonkers over good clean fun!
Bob from Colorado - 28 Feb 2005
I am writing this review more for my grand kids, than for myself. I have to admit that they really love this zany comedy and cast of misfit characters. As soon as they hear "Beep Beep...going for a ride with Dibble!", they huddle around the stereo and prepare to have a good time. For me, this series reminds me of some of the classic old time comedies full of good clean Wardrobe malfunctions here! So enjoy the one and only 3' 3" star of the air....Dibble.

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