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Wingman - Return from the Inferno
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Wingman - Return from the Inferno

Written By : Mack Maloney
Narrated By : Terence Aselford
Published By : Defiance Audio
Runtime : 3 hours
Action & Adventure
War & Military
Download Price : $5.99

The recently reunited American continent is divided once again. While an army of Nordic conquerors occupies the lands of the east, a band of raging Asian mercenaries seeks to dominate the American west. Worse yet, America's greatest champion, top-gun pilot Hawk Hunter, last seen flying his F-16XL fighter on a suicide mission against the air armada that destroyed most of the United American aircraft, has seemingly vanished into thin air. To many, the idea of recapturing America's hard-won freedom seems lost! But rumors persist that Hawk Hunter has been sighted, and stories are whispered across the land that elements of scattered United American troops are gathering at a top-secret rallying point. The days of vengeance against the oppressor warlords is near - and citizens look to the skies and hope!

Terence Aselford has narrated over 150 audiobooks. His acting career has included regional theater roles ranging from Shakespeare to Neil Simon, on-camera work in NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, national television commercials, industrial videos and voice-overs.

Director: Richard Rohan
Produced in the studios at The Cutting Corporation
Abridgment: Geoff Schackert
Executive Producers: Alisa Weberman, Alfred Martino, Anji Cornette
Cover Art: Broeck Steadman
Cover Design: Dan Sorge, The Cutting Corporation

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