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Wild Fire (Unabridged)
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Wild Fire (Unabridged)

Written By : Nelson Demille
Narrated By : Scott Brick
Published By : Hachette Audio
Runtime : 18 hours 30 minutes
Download Price : $49.98 $39.98

"This work of fiction is based on a rumor, repeated on the Internet,
about a government plan very much like the one I call Wild Fire.
Hopefully, the story I'm about to tell will play out only in these pages...'
—Nelson DeMille

Welcome to the Custer Hill Club - a men's club set in a luxurious Adirondack hunting lodge whose members include some of America's most powerful business leaders, military men, and government officials. Ostensibly, the club is a place to relax with old friends. But one fall weekend, the club's Executive Board gathers to talk about the tragedy of 9/11—and finalize a retaliation plan, known only by its code name:  Wild Fire.

That same weekend, a member of the Federal Anti-terrorist Task Force is found dead. Soon it's up to Detective John Corey and his wife, FBI Agent Kate Mayfield, to unravel a terrifying plot that starts with the Custer Hill Club and ends with American cities locked in the crosshairs of a nuclear device. Corey and Mayfield are the only ones who can stop the button from being pushed, and global chaos from being unleashed.

DeNelson Mille is the author of thirteen acclaimed novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Night Fall and Plum Island and New-York Times bestsellers Up Country, The Lion's Game, The Gold Coast, and The General's Daughter. For more information on the author, you can go to

Scott Brick has read the unabridged versions of The Lion's Game, Up Country, and Night Fall by Nelson DeMille, The First Counsel, The Millionaires, Zero Game, and The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer, and The Ice Limit and The Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child for Hachette Audio.                                          


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