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Vampyric2: Rise of the aggressor
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Vampyric2: Rise of the aggressor

Written By : Don DuBose
Narrated By : Don DuBose/Steve Gray
Published By : Immortal Audio
Runtime : 16 minutes
Horror & Suspense
Horror & Suspense
Action & Adventure
Download Price : $1.00
The Vampyric story continues as C.P.I. agents Lilson and Hughs seek closure in thier on going investigation of the strange vampyric uprising in Killington. But what they uncover is as chilling as the evil they first discoverd in the Barlowe mansion. This new chapter takes on a more X-files feel as the plot thickens.
Keep going you're doing great!
Steve from Tampa - 02 Jul 2006
Hey! I just wanted to stick my head in here and say, great work! I've been up here a time or two and always, the Vampyric title is on the Best Seller's list. Amazing how something that supposedly doesn't sell can make it onto a Best Seller's list. Don't be so hard on yourself bro. I'm pleased to see you prospering with it. Having co-created the story and perfomed a few of the voices on it, I need not comment on the fine quality and production of the whole thing... The only thing I regret to say is, we never mention in the story anywhere woh the "Aggressor" is, and it's my fear that the audience sits in waiting to ultimately hear who that is. Cheers and keep forging forth. With a tool so vast as the internet, you should be attracting quite the following.

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