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Tea House on Mulberry Street, The
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Tea House on Mulberry Street, The

Written By : Sharon Owens
Narrated By : Caroline Winterson
Published By : Listen & Live
Runtime : 10 hours
Download Price : $34.95 $22.75
Muldoon's Tea Rooms, beloved for its cozy atmosphere and luscious desserts, has started looking a bit outdated — and the same could be said about the proprietors, Penny and Daniel Stanley. After seventeen years, their marriage has started to fade and wear a little thin, even as their old shop bustles with the energy of the customers who seek refuge from their particular dilemmas: Housewife Sadie Smith comes to escape her diet and her husband's stick-thin mistress. Struggling artist Brenda Brown sits and pens love letters to the actor Nicolas Cage. And Clare Fitzgerald returns after twenty years abroad to search for a long-lost someone.

Behind the cherry cheesecakes, vanilla ice creams, and chocolate cappuccinos are the stirrings of a revolution that will define lives, heal troubled hearts, and rock the very foundation of the humble teahouse. And through it all, Penny and Daniel manage to discover what truly matters in life and love.

Rich with wit, bursting with charm, The Tea House On Mulberry Street is a vibrant debut of tenderness, imagination — and delicious pastries.

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