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Sherlock Holmes:  Shoscombe Old Place
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Sherlock Holmes: Shoscombe Old Place

Written By : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Narrated By : David Ian Davies
Published By : One Voice Recordings
Runtime : 32 minutes
Download Price : $8.00
Evidence of murder, ransacked ancient mummies, giving away a beloved dog, and a horse race upon which a man's life and future depend are just four of the elements of this Holmes story, making it one of the most memorable (and chilling) cases in the Sherlockian Canon.

  • " refer to David's Sherlock Holmes productions as simply dramatic readings is a major understatement, as he brings a wonderful range of distinctly unique voices into play as he essays each of the characters, creating a marvelously layered and rich listening experience that showcases Arthur Conan Doyle's masterful use of language." - Charles Prepolec,

  • "...David Ian Davies's reading of The Tangled Skein is a full-blooded theatrical performance that does justice to his near-namesake's gripping narrative. - Roger Johnson, Editor District Messenger Newspaper, The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

  • "...To call this only a reading of the classic Sherlock Holmes story, would be to devalue the beauty of this performance. Although you may have heard recordings of the Sherlock Holmes work read before with distance and haughty affectation, none of that is present in Mr. Davies storytelling performance. This features one man, many voices and a hefty portion of talent. This performance is fresh, approachable and inviting. - Sam Buvala,, Reviews

  • "Mr. Davies's reading of The Hound of the Baskervilles adds mastery to a masterpiece! Mr. Davies is an absolute virtuoso of voices and dialects. It is difficult to believe that this unabridged narration of Sir Arthur's most famous Holmes case is done only by one man and not being performed by a troupe of actors and actresses. Limited space doesn't allow us to do full justice to describe this recording, but suffice it to say that Mr. Davies's performance has received "raves" from independent reviewers. Even when you hear it, you won't believe it! -

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