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POWDER RIVER - Season 3. Episode 18 THE NITRO GANG
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POWDER RIVER - Season 3. Episode 18 THE NITRO GANG

Written By : Jerry Robbins
Narrated By : Full Cast
Published By : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 27 minutes
Action & Adventure
Download Price : $1.50

The adventure continues in 1876 Clearmont Wyoming with Marshal Britt MacMasters, his son Chad, and the incredible ensemble of supporting characters that make this popular western series a favorite on XM Satellite Radio's "SONIC THEATRE" where it is broadcast coast-to-coast. Join Britt, Chad, Sheriff Dawes, Doc, and Sandy in 20 all-new exciting episodes!

The Colonial Radio Theater on the Air presents


Starring Jerry Robbins as Britt MacMasters, Derek Aalerud as Chad MacMasters, Diane Capen as Sandy Dolan, Joseph Zamparelli Jr. as Sheriff Dawes, Diane Lind as Millie, Deniz Cordell as Clay Tucker, and Lincoln Clark as Doc.

JACK SHERMAN ESCAPES - Guest starring Willaim Humphrey, Dean Spratt, Chris Snyder.

Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg
Produced by Chris Snyder
Music by Jeffrey Gage
Written and Directed by Jerry Robbins

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