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Personal Devil, A: A Magdalene la Btarde Mystery
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Personal Devil, A: A Magdalene la Btarde Mystery

Written By : Roberta Gellis
Narrated By : Nadia May
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 10 hours 30 minutes
Download Price : $19.95

"In addition to a well-crafted plot, moments of heart-stopping suspense, and a dramatic
conclusion, the author provides poignant glimpses into the humanity of her characters, particularly the
women of the guesthouse."--Publishers Weekly

"Yet another authentically detailed medieval mystery featuring a proactive feminist as the detective."

In twelfth-century London, Magdalene la Btarde is the madam of the Old Priory Guesthouse in Southwark.
She is not in the least bit sorry to learn that Bertrild, the unpleasant wife of Master Mainard, is dead.
Bertrild was insulting to most people. She made threats, using terrible revelations as a weapon against
those who would not bow down to her demanding ways.

However, when it seems that Mainard will be charged with Bertrild's murder because no one accepts the
oath of a whore that he is innocent, Magdalene, with her handsome friend, Sir Bellamy, decides to

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