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McNally's Trial
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McNally's Trial

Written By : Lawrence Sanders
Narrated By : Boyd Gaines
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Runtime : 3 hours
Horror & Suspense
Horror & Suspense
Download Price : $10.95

As an investigator for his father's Palm Beach law firm, Archy McNally has discreetly handled scores of unusual cases for the firm's upscale clientele. But when Sunny Fogarty, the attractive comptroller for Whitcomb Funeral Homes, approaches McNally & Son to investigate an unexplained rise in her company's fortunes, Archy soon finds himself conducting a most peculiar investigation.

It seems that an inordinate amount of the dead bodies handled by the Whitcomb homes are being shipped north for burial. As Archy searches for an explanation, he is sucked into the Whitcomb family's internal power struggles while his relationship with Sunny takes on new steamy dimensions. Confronted on all sides by characters with questionable motives, Archy smells a connection to the seedy side of Palm Beach society, and he must unravel the mystery before the pile of corpses grows any higher.

With a colorful cast of characters and scintillating plot twists, McNally's Trial is another rollicking ride from the master of suspense.

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