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London Bridges
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London Bridges

Written By : James Patterson
Narrated By : Peter J. Fernandez and Dennis O'Hare
Published By : Hachette Audio
Runtime : 8 hours
Horror & Suspense
Horror & Suspense
Download Price : $29.98 $20.99

In broad desert daylight, a mysterious platoon of soldiers evacuates the entire population of Sunrise Valley, Nevada. Minutes later, a huge bomb detonates a hundred feet above the ground and lays waste to homes, cars, and playgrounds: a town annihilated in an instant.

London Bridges...another Alex Cross series is a fast-paced detective thriller.
John Mignano from Warburton - 27 May 2007
Killers and bad guys inflict a terrifying constant state of anticipation. The Wolf a faceless ex-KGB & insane serial killer Weasel are leaving way too many dead bodies in their wake, as they're always one step ahead of The FBI, CIA, MI5, Interpol and French police, maybe they're getting inside help? The plot is like brain-candy satisfying a bizarre craving for fast blood frightening thrills. The Wolf, a Russian terrorist and Weasel go hand in hand demanding billions of dollars to be paid in ransom with dozens of political prisoners to be released or a plane will target four major international cities with nuclear bombs.

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