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Journey Into Space: The Red Planet - Episode 18
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Journey Into Space: The Red Planet - Episode 18

Written By : Charles Chilton
Narrated By : Various
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 30 minutes
Audio Theater
Old Time Radio
Download Price : $4.99

Charles Chilton's classic science fiction trilogy stormed the BBC airwaves during the 1950s.

Its gripping story lines, extra-terrestrial sound effects and atmospheric music engaged the listener as never before.

Between 1953 and 1958, a devoted audience of adults and children attentively followed Captain Jet Morgan and his crew from one cliff-hanger to another as, together, they faced the unknown perils of space.

In this second series Captain Jet Morgan and his crew of Doc Matthews, engineer Mitch Mitchell and radio operator Lemmy Barnet are on board the flagship Discovery, leading a fleet of space ships, their mission to explore Mars, the mysterious and, as they believe, uninhabited red planet.

This is the eighteenth of twenty episodes and was broadcast on 3/1/55

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