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Final Seconds
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Final Seconds

Written By : John Lutz and David August
Narrated By : Barrett Whitener
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 13 hours
Download Price : $26.95

"Lutz always delivers the goods, and this is no exception."--Booklist

After Will Harper is injured in the field as a bomb squad officer for NYPD, he retires early, and instead
of letting his wife go forward with selling their beaten-down brownstone, decides to fix it up
as physical and emotional therapy. But when his former partner is blown up along with a paranoid
bestselling author and his Florida estate, Harper's idle days are over.

Suddenly Harper is tracking a serial killer who is as expert in explosives as any terrorist, and not too shy
about selecting targets from the center of the celebrity spotlight. With a former partner and a resurrected
dead case file, Harper seeks out help from the FBI, but not from their most inside agentshe chooses an
African-American woman, whose gender and race put her on the outside of the political fast track of
ascension, but whose savvy and creative, critical thinking make her the perfect ally to bring in the Celebrity
Bomber. A fast-paced, gritty suspense novel guaranteed to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

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