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Call of the Wild, The
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Call of the Wild, The

Written By : Jack London
Narrated By : Michael Kramer
Published By : In Audio
Runtime : 3 hours 1 minute
Action & Adventure
Download Price : $17.95 $12.50

The dog Buck and his survival in the Klondike during the gold rush.

An adventure story set in Northern Canada
owain roberts from london - 27 Mar 2007
A very good book, found the story intriguing but perhaps not very realistic.

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Written By : John J. Nance
Narrated By : John J. Nance
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Runtime : 11 hours 33 minutes
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A top-secret computer program is on the verge of going live - but could wreak havoc on the nation's aviation routes. More...
Yankee Clipper. Chapter 12.

Yankee Clipper. Chapter 12. "Drake's Passage"

Written By : Jerry Robbins
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Published By : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 25 minutes
Audio Theater
Action & Adventure
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Battered and almost unable to steer, Yankee Spirit rounds Drakes Passage in pursuit of Black Arrow More...
Last Ditch

Last Ditch

Written By : Ngaio Marsh
Narrated By : Nadia May
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 8 hours
Horror & Suspense
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Young Ricky Alleyn has come to a picturesque fishing village to write. Though the sleepy little town offers few diversions, Ricky manages to find the most distracting one of all: murder. In a muddy... More...
Pickwick Papers, The

Pickwick Papers, The

Written By : Charles Dickens
Narrated By : Anton Lesser
Published By : Select Music & Distribution
Runtime : 4 hours 45 minutes
Download Price : $18.75
The Pickwick Papers, Dickens' first novel, is a glorious romp through the pre-Reform Bill England of 1827. More...
Cyanide Wells

Cyanide Wells

Written By : Marcia Muller
Narrated By : Sandra Burr and J. Charles
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Runtime : 7 hours 34 minutes
Download Price : $24.95
A sinister novel filled with intrigue and suspense! Explore the ways in which people and passions twist, turn, and kill. More...
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