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Bloomsday Dead
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Bloomsday Dead

Written By : Adrian McKinty
Narrated By : Gerard Doyle
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 11 hours
Download Price : $23.95

"His most visceral, satisfying effort yet. McKinty writes masterful action scenes, and he whips up a frenzy as the bullets begin to fly."
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Outpaces its immediate predecessor, The Dead Yard, with McKinty's trademark dark lyricism, one great red herring, and a masterful plot twist that brings Forsythe's character full circle in a lightning flash."

--Booklist (starred review)

In this concluding book of Adrian McKinty's highly praised Dead series, Michael Forsythe confronts his former lover and now archrival, Bridget.

Michael has survived his infiltration of an IRA splinter cell in Boston, and now, his many near fatal wounds healed, he begins his next adventure as manager of hotel security in Lima, Peru.

It is there that he is contacted by his former lover, Bridget, whose fiance he killed. Bridget, calling from Dublin, says that her eleven-year-old daughter has been kidnapped.

Michael's choice is to fly to Dublin and help her find the girl, or be executed at the hands of the goons holding him at gunpoint. He agrees to nothing, and is soon on the way to Dublin, leaving the first two of many dead bodies in his wake.

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