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Innocent, The
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Innocent, The

Author : Harlan Coben
Performed By : Tim Machin
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
Runtime : 6 hours 45 minutes
Type : Crime
Download Price : $15.99
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One slip was all it took to rob Matt Hunter of the life he had so well mapped out. A fight, a friend in trouble, a slippery pavement and the dull crack of someone's skull on the concrete cost him four years in jail and a small sliver of his soul.

Emerging an older and wiser person, Matt swears not to waste any more of the time he has allotted to him. Determination and pride get him a job to be proud of and a beautiful girl to agree to marry him. The break in the road seems to have only made him a stronger person.

However, when he receives a strange video message on his mobile phone and he realises that a very bad man is following him, his new existence is suddenly under threat. Why is this ex-con on his tail, and who really is this woman he has married? Suddenly Matt can't
trust anybody — least of all those he loves...

Tim Machin trained at the University of Victoria, Canada. Theatre credits include; Of Mice and Men (Old Vic), You Can't Catch Me, Around the World in 80 Days , and The Complete Millennium Musical ( Abridged) for The Reduced Shakespeare Company. Touring Europe, he played McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Sherlock Holmes in The Murder of Sherlock Holmes both for TNT Theatre. Tim has recorded a number of audiobooks including the Gold Spoken Word Award winner One Fake Move for Orion, The Sucker's Kiss, Fury and Al Capone Does My Shirts .

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