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Those Extraordinary Twins
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Those Extraordinary Twins

Written By : Mark Twain
Narrated By : Richard Henzel
Published By : Big Happy Family, LLC
Length : 2 hours 15 minutes
Type : Classics
Price : $14.99 $10.99

Mark Twain's first draft of the tragic novel Pudd'nhead Wilson, this little book is a humorous tale about a pair of Italian conjoined twins/concert pianists and their effect of their arrival on the inhabitants of a small midwestern town.

There is a love affair, a duel, and a climactic courtroom scene, just as in Puddnhead Wilson, but in this book it's all for laughs.

Mark Twain was the first private citizen to have a home telephone, and the first to use the fountain pen and later the typewriter. And when he published "Those Extraordinary Twins" with Puddnhead Wilson, he became the first author to publish his "deleted scenes" -- the bonus tracks, if you will -- along with the finished work.

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