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Tales of The Little Dogs
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Tales of The Little Dogs

Written By : Jack Brown
Narrated By : Jack Brown
Published By : Kokalu Music
Length : 1 hour 30 minutes
Type : Animals
Price : $5.95
For dog lovers of all ages," Tales Of The Little Dogs" is comprised of three stories

- The Little Dog Who Ran Away With The Circus

- The Little Dog Who Lost her Bark

- The Little Dog Who Went To The Farm

Writer/Narrator Jack Brown has a special attraction for dogs of all sizes. Perhaps it is his talent for empathy or penchant for sublime nonsense, but dogs are uniquely drawn to him. "Tales of the Little Dogs" is his effort to tell the stories of little dogs he has known and imagined - which apparently is the way dogs like it.

Jack is a former songwriter for the celebrated U.S.A. children's television show Capt.Kangaroo. His CD "A Dog is a Dog" is recommended by the American Library Association, School Library Journal and Publisher's Weekly.

For those inclined to research, the excellent U.K. magazine "Dogs Today" ran a feature on Brown in the May 2004 issue. Jack would like to thank Jim Dale for his inspirational example of gifted narration -and turning a New York Barnes & Noble bookstore into a complete zoo with his appearance at the debut of a Harry Potter novel.

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