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Snow-Walker's Son, The
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Snow-Walker's Son, The

Written By : Catherine Fisher
Narrated By : Karen Archer
Published By : Craftsman Audio Books
Length : 3 hours 50 minutes
Type : Fantasy
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic
Price : $15.49

The first part of the trilogy.

From the swirling mists and the icy realms beyond the edge of the world came the Snow-Walker Gudrun, her sorcery bringing tyranny and fear to the Jarl’s people. All hope of restoring the 1 Jarl to his throne seems lost.

In the first part of a trilogy of enchantment, a terrifying journey into exile takes Jessa and Thorkil to the ruined fortress of Thrasirshall. Inside, say the rumours, is a dark menace kept hidden from the world; the Snow-Walker's own son.

Award-winner Catherine Fisher’s power to weave character and landscape into spell-binding fiction, has won her an army of devoted readers across the world.

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