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Written By : G P Taylor
Narrated By : Robert Glenister
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Length : 5 hours
Type : Fantasy
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic
Price : $26.99
Obadiah Demurall is a sorceror who is seeking to control the highest power in the universe. He will stop at nothing. The only people in his way are Raphah, Kate, Thomas - and the mysterious Jacob Crane.

Packed full of history, folklore and smuggling, this tale of their epic battle will grip both young and old. The thrills, suspence and danger are guaranteed to grab the attention and stretch imaginations to the limit.

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Tom on Robot Island

Tom on Robot Island

Written By : Ann Twigg
Narrated By : Ann Twigg
Published By : Playtime Books
Length : 44 minutes
Type : Short Stories
Under 10s
Action & Adventure
Price : $4.99
The first part of an exciting adventure about a young boy on an island of robots See full description...
Leaping Beauty and other animal fairy tales

Leaping Beauty and other animal fairy tales

Written By : Gregory Maguire
Narrated By : Gregory Maguire
Published By : Harper Collins US
Length : 3 hours
Type : Humor
Under 10s
Over 10s
Price : $17.95 $11.95
Eight beloved fairy tales from the brilliant, funny and nationally best-selling author. See full description...
Horrid Henry's Revenge (Unabridged)

Horrid Henry's Revenge (Unabridged)

Written By : Francesca Simon
Narrated By : Miranda Richardson
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
Length : 1 hour
Type : Under 10s
Short Stories
Price : $5.75
In this collection, Henry accompanies his father to the office, hacks into his parents' computer, meets the Demon Dinner Lady and plans the ultimate revenge on Perfect Peter... See full description...
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Written By : Benedict Flynn
Narrated By : Sean Bean
Published By : Select Music & Distribution
Length : 2 hours 30 minutes
Type : Classics
Myths & Legends
Price : $11.99
Arthur and his knights of the round table, set out to save the country. See full description...
World According to Narnia, The: Christian Meaning in C. S. Lewis's Beloved Chronicles

World According to Narnia, The: Christian Meaning in C. S. Lewis's Beloved Chronicles

Written By : Jonathan Rogers
Narrated By : Brian Emerson
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 5 hours
Type : Religion & Spiritual
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic
Price : $25.95
In The World According to Narnia, Jonathan Rogers takes you further into the imaginative world of C. S. Lewis, showing how the story lines and characters from Narnia sing with biblical truth. The particular magic of the Narnia stories is their ability to awaken the reader to the imaginative... See full description...
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