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Room 13
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Room 13

Written By : Robert Swindells
Narrated By : Richard Mitchley
Published By : Craftsman Audio Books
Length : 3 hours
Type : Horror & Ghost Stories
Action & Adventure
Over 10s
Price : $15.49
It begins as a terrible nightmare. But soon, on a school trip to Whitby, Fliss Morgan's dream becomes horrifying reality, home of the legendary Count Dracula. Disbelieved by their teachers, Fliss and her three friends find that they alone must face the evil secret that lies behind the door of Room 13.

A thrilling tale of courage from a winner of the Carnegie Medal.

Fliss Morgan's adventures continue in INSIDE THE WORM.
The Book and Audio CD
Oliver from Portsmouth - 19 Jun 2007
I've read the book and it's really good, i've only just found out there is a Felicity Morgan series! I have only just heard the sample and it was ok, although a bit in the book i don't like is the rhyming at the beginning "The bed of dread and the room of doom" It doesn't sound that interesting, especially as it's in the first chapter! I recommend the book and audio CD for schools and people, but i would say for ages up to year 9's (13/14yrs)

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