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Miranda the Great
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Miranda the Great

Written By : Eleanor Estes
Narrated By : Lyssa Brown
Published By : Listen & Live
Length : 3 hours
Type : Animals
Under 10s
Price : $19.95 $12.99

When barbarians invade Rome, Miranda the cat and her daughter Punka must find a safe place to hide from the chaos. They make their way through the burning city, collecting motherless kittens as they go.

At last they reach the Colosseum — but even there, danqer lurks!

How these fortunate felines survive to become the noble ancestors of the cats of modern Rome is all due to the cleverness of the cat they come to call Miranda the Great, Queen of the Colosseum!

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Sense of Wonder, The

Sense of Wonder, The

Written By : Rachel Carson
Narrated By : Kaiulani Lee
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 30 minutes
Type : Autobiography
Exercise & Healthy Living
Price : $19.95 $9.95
The Sense of Wonder relates Carson's intimate account of adventures with her young nephew, in their walks along the sea coast and through forests and fields, observing wildlife, strange plants, moonlight, and storm clouds. It is a guide to capturing the simple power of discovery that Carson... See full description...
Wind in the Willows, The

Wind in the Willows, The

Written By : Kenneth Grahame
Narrated By : Martin Jarvis
Published By : Select Music & Distribution
Length : 3 hours 20 minutes
Type : Classics
Under 10s
Price : $15.49
The Wind in the Willows belongs to a golden age of children's books. See full description...
Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

Written By : From the Writing and Pictures of Howard Pyle, compiled by Merle Johnson
Narrated By : Simon Vance
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 9 hours
Type : Juvenile
Price : $32.95 $16.95
"Pirates, Buccaneers, Marooners, those cruel but picturesque sea wolves who once infested the Spanish Main, all live in present-day conceptions in great degree as drawn by the pen and pencil of How... See full description...
Ruby Holler

Ruby Holler

Written By : Sharon Creech
Narrated By : Donna Murphy
Published By : Harper Collins US
Length : 5 hours 10 minutes
Type : General
Under 10s
Over 10s
Price : $24.00 $15.95
Filled with humor, poignancy, cookies and treasure maps, Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech's Ruby Holler is a delightful book about a special place where it's never to late to love -- or be loved. See full description...
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