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Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Magicians Nephew (Abridged)
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Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Magicians Nephew (Abridged)

Written By : C. S. Lewis
Narrated By : Sir Michael Hordern
Published By : Harper Collins UK
Length : 2 hours 14 minutes
Type : Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic
Price : $10.25
“Congratulate me, my dear boy,” said Uncle Andrew, rubbing his hands. “My experiment has succeeded. The little girl’s gone – vanished – right out of this world.”

After Uncle Andrew’s horrible trick, Digory has no choice but to travel over to the Other World in search of poor vanished Polly. Little does he realise that his uncle has unwittingly opened up the doorway to Narnia, a truly magical world, and that their adventures have only just begun…


"The magic of C. S. Lewis's parallel universe never fades." The Times

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