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Bob the Builder: Bob's Big Plan & Other Stories
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Bob the Builder: Bob's Big Plan & Other Stories

Written By : Keith Chapman
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Length : 1 hour
Type : Juvenile
Short Stories
Under 10s
Price : $13.49
The first six episodes from the hugely popular TV series, plus extended episode 'Bob's Big Plan'

You'll love these great new stories about Bob the Builder and his friends!

In Bob's Big Plan, a special extended episode, Bob hears that Sunflower Valley, where he and his brother Tom used to camp, is being developed. Bobsville architect Mr Adams wants to build nightclubs, skyscrapers and restaurants, but Bob's plan for an eco-town wins the day.

Bob arrives in the valley to begin his dream town in Bob's Big Start. All the machines are a little bit nervous about the big job ahead, especially Muck, but he doesn't want to show it. In Lofty's Shelter the machines get to build their brand new shelter. Lofty decides he'd like a place there - but he doesn't know how to tell Bob. Wendy and Scrambler visit in Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie, Wendy's brought a surprise for the team: Talkie-Talkies, a radio headset system to help them all!

In Scoop's Recruit Scoop needs to find a new builder to take over the old yard so that Wendy can stay in Sunflower Valley. Bob's Dad Robert turns out to be perfect for the job, but in Where's Robert? he keeps getting sidetracked while Bob is trying to get things done. Then Robert goes missing! Wendy finally arrives in Wendy's Welcome and finds that Robert and the machines have prepared some great surprises for her!

Take a trip to Sunflower Valley, and join in the fun!

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