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Aardvark Who Wasn't Sure, The
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Aardvark Who Wasn't Sure, The

Written By : Jill Tomlinson
Narrated By : Maureen Lipman
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Length : 1 hour 5 minutes
Type : Animals
Price : $7.49

Pim is a baby aardvark, with a long, furry nose. He has tiny little claws instead of fingers and toes, and sleeps in a cosy burrow.

But he isn't sure what being an aardvark really means. He asks his mother all sorts of questions, and she decides it is time he found out what being an aardvark is all about.

In his quest to discover the world around him, he meets lots of exotic and interesting animals. There are snakes, cheetahs, elephants and monkeys, and they all have something to teach him.

He's disappointed that aardvarks can't climb trees, but as he learns how to find termites, fight predators and build a burrow of his own, Pim realises there are some advantages to being an aardvark after all...

A heartwarming story from bestselling author Jill Tomlinson, whose books have been hugely popular for nearly thirty years. Told in clear, simple language, they are ideal for young listeners, who can identify with the baby animals and their attempts to find out who they are. "The Aardvark Who Wasn't Sure" is bound to appeal to any child who loves animals, or who is curious about the world around them.

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