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Reporting Live
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Reporting Live

Lesley Stahl
Narrated By : Lesley Stahl
Published By : Simon & Schuster
6 hours
Categories : Journalism
Download Price : $15.95

Reporting Live is a lively, witty, and wise memoir about the world -- and how to cover it -- from 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl. For 25 years and counting, Stahl has covered every major story and has become one of the most highly regarded reporters in the country. In this celebrity-filled, anecdote-packed memoir, Lesley Stahl tells how she has kept her focus -- and her sense of humor -- through all of this success.

While Stahl cut her teeth on Washington political reporting, cultivating sources and gradually building a reputation as a "scoopster" during Watergate, she learned to overcome the stigma of affirmative action. She went on to cover the next three presidents, witnessing the disintegration of the Jimmy Carter presidency and the rise and fall and rise again of Ronald Reagan's.

She offers sharp and nuanced portraits of these presidents as well as of many of her guests on Face the Nation, which she moderated for eight years. Stahl also describes the ups and downs of network television news as competition from cable began to siphon off the audience.

Filled with stories of heads of state, network moguls, competing journalists, celebrities, and family members, Reporting Live is a funny, real, knowledgeable audiobook that takes the listener inside the White House and inside the world of television news from one of the toughest, most glamorous, and most respected reporters in the business.

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