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Pocahontas: My Own Story
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Pocahontas: My Own Story

Capt. John Smith
Narrated By : Jonathan Reese
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
3 hours
Categories : Biography
Download Price : $12.95
This is the original account of Captain John Smith's relationship with Pocahontas that
has inspired so many retellings, like the major motion picture, The New World.

In the early seventeenth century, Captain John Smith led a company of English settlers to found the
colony of Jamestown in Virginia. Here is Smith's own account of his adventures there and his relationship
with the beautiful Indian princess, Pocahontas.

Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the powerful chief of about thirty tribes of Indians living in Virginia.
When Captain Smith was captured by these Indians in 1607, he was brought before Powhatan, who sentenced
him to death. Sixteen-year-old Pocahontas convinced her father to spare Captain Smith's life, thus becoming
a friend of the settlers and eventually influencing her father to be friendly, too. Years later, she saved the lives
of the entire colony by secretly warning Captain Smith of another intended attack.

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